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Academy award-winning Anita Doron will write Napoleon

We are really pleased to announce that Anita Doron will be the writer of our animation feature Napoleon. Anita’s approach and style is a perfect fit for the team and Sarah and Karsten (the directors). Anita’s latest work was the script for the animation feature The Breadwinner for which she received a Canadian Academy award for best adapted screenplay. The Breadwinner was also nominated for an Oscar and a lot of other awards. But what we really care about is that Anita shares our vision for the film and the passion for animation films.

Anita Doron was born in Transcarpathia, a little known land of nomadic ghosts, barley mush and apricot brandy. She was one of the youngest published poets in the former USSR and grew up in a family of high altitude mountaineers. At the age of 12, Anita’s first film – an environmental protest piece – raised the ire of Soviet bureaucracy and set her on a path to cinema.” (Taken from


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