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Gotfat:/ɡɒt.fæt/: to create something truly awesome; [or] mind·blowing; can be every form of audiovisual media production [e.g. commercials, documentaries, broadcast programming, fiction] : common denominators are imaginative ideas, high production value, seeking new solutions and being nice : if work related; addiction may occur.

Origin Aarhus, Denmark (~ 1982 AD) ·: derived from danish expression blev fed /ˈbliːə.feð/ · example : that film got fat · meaning something that turns out great.


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What we offer

Full Service Productions

You need something produced - a commercial, B2B content, VFX, TVC, interviews, you name it. We have the people, network, gear and ressources to take you all the way from concept development to finished film.


We are more than happy to help you produce both documentaries, features and shorts. We are eligible to apply for co-production funding from The National Danish Film Fund (DFI) and The West Danish Film Fund (DVF) among other funds.

Original Projects

We do our own documentaries, TV programming and films. Check them out in the portfolio and follow our news section and Facebook page for updates on their progress.

Drone & Special Services

We can’t help ourselves. When we see a new piece of exciting film gear we have to have it. This means that we can help with almost every shot imaginable.

The Team

Thor Hampus Bank

Co-Founder, Director, Producer

+45 22 12 94 74 |
Emil Johnsen

Co-Founder, Director, Producer

+45 3023 2570 |
Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt


+45 2637 5003 |
Mark Vesterlund

Post Production Wizard

+45 42 50 76 06 |
Katrine Scamuzzi

Production Coordinator, Photographer

+45 51 84 74 48 |
Peter Sørensen


+45 30 25 22 30 |
Jacob Gosch


+45 25707814 |
Christian Pontoppidan


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