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Live streaming has become a bigger part of how content is produced and delivered on social media. We can help your organisation organising and producing streaming of live events such as conferences, concerts and webinars. Even though we frequently record live streaming in Jutland, we are used to transporting our live streaming setup all over the world.

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Great live streaming

Live streaming has recently become so simple that everyone can do it with their phones. But a phone alone can only do so much. A great live streaming is like a classic TV broadcast – the better produced and prepared, the better the result, which will greatly impact the viewer's engagement.

The content itself dictates how we plan your setup, so we can create a solution that best helps you reaching your viewers and communicating your message.

Whether it can be done with one single camera or with the big equipment package depends on the specific job. We have experience with setups ranging from the small to the biggest productions with five to ten cameras.

You can contact us to have a chat with us about exactly what your needs are, and how we can create the best solution for you. This way we can tailor every live production to match both your ambition and your budget.

Livestreaming Case

ECCO Shoes

ECCO Shoes is an international organisation with lots of employees all over the globe. Live streaming gives ECCO the opportunity to establish a coherence throughout the organisation. In this way they can ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the latest advances and products. Their most recent online conference was a week long event with different talks, which we streamed live every day. We had pre-produced several video productions, which were shown at the events; we established connections to people in countries abroad: The Netherlands, USA, Australia and more; everything being streamed live to the whole world.

We have assisted in creating a coherent visual style for the event, in which we ensure high production value with beautiful lighting and multiple camera angles. The three by six meters LED screen is the epicentre of the production, which frames the speakers with animated slideshows. In front of the stage, a dolly tracks back and forth creating depth and dynamic throughout the entire live stream.

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Contact us here / +45 30232570

Gotfat Productions
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