The Family

We are a full service production company, which means that we have the resources necessary to take any film production from pre production through production and post production to final film – with versioning. We deliver video content to every platform imaginable and work with video and film for social media, cinema and TV.

We have a production crew and the work power for many different filmic tasks:
Directors, producere, cinematographers, editors, og colorgraders.

Thor Hampus Bank
Partner / Instruktør & Producer
+45 22129474

Emil Johnsen
Partner / Producer & Instruktør
+45 30232570

Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt
+45 26375003

Mark Vesterlund
Klipper / Art Director
+45 42507606

Jian Zhi Zhang
+45 28938688

Peter Sørensen
Director of Photography
+45 30252230

Jacob Gosch
Steadicam / Droneoperatør
+45 25707814

Emil Lund
Fotograf / Gaffer

Jacob Højberg Callesen
Klipper / Web Designer
+45 27292433

Portræt af Morten Højgaard

Morten Højgaard
Fotograf / Junior Instruktør
+45 28556237

Astrid Gott
Junior Producer

Portræt af Carl Emil Voldgaard

Carl Emil Voldgaard
Part-Time Fotograf / Klipper


Portræt af Frederik Birn

Frederik Birn
Junior Editor / Motion Graphics

Portræt af Anna Lomholt

Anna Lomholt Madsen
Junior Instruktør

Portræt af Jacob Fischer

Jacob Laursen
Junior Klipper

Portræt af August Vinther

August Vinther Thomsen
Junior Klipper / Production Assistant

Anders Voss Jacobsen

Andreas Thomsen

Mathilde Fjord Jørgensen

Signe Rauff

Gotfat Productions
Christiansgade 18, st. 8000 Aarhus C

Contact us here / +45 22129474 / +45 30232570

Contact us here / +45 22129474 / +45 30232570

Gotfat Productions
Christiansgade 18, st. 8000 Aarhus C