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GotFat Productions is a full-service production company in Aarhus. That means that we can assist you in all parts of the filmmaking process whether you're shooting film or commercials. Should you only need assistance during parts of your production, our competent staff will be able to help you, too.

This could include pre-production such as casting, location scouting, production planning; crew such as photographers, gaffers, grips, sound technicians and runners; post-production such as editing, color-grading, mixing and mastering.

There are many ways in which we can make your production great.

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We help you research for your next production.
We help you plan and get the best out of your production time.
We help you prepare the most reasonable budget.
We help you find and cast the proper talent.
We help you find locations and attain permits and road blockings.
We find the right equipment to ensure the best picture and sound quality.
Tekniker med gammeldags lytteudstyr We team you up with the right people and put together a competent crew.

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Aarhus is situated right in the middle of Denmark with easy access to a diverse range of locations and a large pool of talented crew from all over the country. With short distances to cityscapes, beaches, forests, wind parks, and scenic nature spots and a medium population density make it easy to shoot up to 4 different locations per day; permits and road blockings are easy to attain; and several small, medium, and big size studios are available on day rates.

Denmark is one the safest and most modern countries in the world, and Aarhus is the second-largest city in the country. Our crews are used to working with an international crew and are all fluent in the English language. They are known for being highly professional, efficient, and having a great work ethic. State of the art film gear rentals are available and can facilitate all sizes of productions.

Two international connected airports are within 1-hour drive of the city center.

The region has its own regional film fund, The West Danish Film Fund, that supports fiction films and documentaries that place parts of the production or post-production in the region. GotFat can help and facilitate the application for financing, or if needed, act as a Danish co-production partner.

GotFat offers production services in all areas of production and no matter the size or scope of the production.

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Pre-production is a huge albeit essential task, which we can help you tackle. We're used to researching, planning and budgetting for productions – whether they be big or small.

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There are plenty of talented players out there. We will help you with finding and casting the talents right for your production.

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Inspiring Locations

During our time producing films we have found a plethora of inspiring locations. We can help you finding the most awesome locations for your production.


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In addition to our strong internal team, we have a wide range of good, external collaborations. Whether your production demands a skilled camera operator, gaffer, grip, sound technician or otherwise, we have the right contacts.

Contact us here

Contact us here

Gotfat Productions
Christiansgade 18, st. 8000 Aarhus C

Contact us here
mail@gotfat.dk / +45 22129474 / +45 30232570

Contact us here
mail@gotfat.dk / +45 22129474 / +45 30232570

Gotfat Productions
Christiansgade 18, st. 8000 Aarhus C